Vampire the Dark Ages: Song of the Sanguine



To Bathe in Flames

Our story begins as our various kindred are about the tasks of their clans and sires in Venice. All are approached by a Nosferatu who calls herself Shawinna the Seeker Scourge of Venice. It seems a young Gangrel named Eduardo de Palucci has been diablerized. Evidence points to a newcomer to the city as the responsible party. Shawinna has asked all of you to attend to an inquiry to be held at the Palazzo de Taurino under the purview of Sheriff Drago Germanus (Gangrel), and Chamberlain Malkeus the Mermidan (Malkavian).

Those under inquiry are our party, along with Alfonso de Giovanni, Hans of Ingolstadt (Tremere), and Vladimir Rabould (Tzmisce). After some scrutiny, it is learned that Eduardo was investigating the Cappadocians at the behest of Drago. Fingers seem to point at Alfonso, but the Princes will have to decide.

Alfonso de Giovanni invites your party to attend a Festival at the residence of Giocomo Palmieri, renown Cappadocian. Everyone arrives, and the power plays begin. Each member of our party dons the animal mask of their choice and shmoozes the kindred. Gabriel the Cappadocian quickly strikes a power play and works with Giocomo to frame Vladimir Rabould for the murder of Eduardo, in exchange he will learn the ways of Necromancy. Certain evidence is prepared for the Masquerade Court that will happen soon.

The current Palace of the Doge, the Palazzo Ducale is the gathering place for the Conclave of Venice. There are 2 Princes, Vinventius Vinicus the Ventrue, and Myracelle de Sipico the Cappadocian. Our party along with the others give Presentation to the Princes, and are grilled on the 6 Traditions. After this, Drago gives his Evidence Upon Inquiry to the Princes about the murder of Eduardo. The decision is made that Alfonso and Vladimir should be followed, and your party members are charged with bringing the killer to justice.

The murder Tampeo Square is investigated, along with the Ponte de Rialto Bridge where the actual killing took place. It is clear that Vladimir the Tzmisce is the killer. It is learned that Vladimir is dwelling with the Crusaders the Knightly Order of the Carpathians. Our party hunts him down North of the city. They learned that Knights left in haste during the night and head East. With some spot-on flight work by the Gargoyle, it is learned that Vladimir has split South with a small fist of knights. Our party assaults the encamped Crusaders and dispatches them all. It appears as though someone has used Fleshcraft to make a knight look like Vladimir.

Our party descends upon the Tzmisce Sanctum at the Campanilli de San Marco Tower. The Assamite requests audience with Vladimir. After causing a massive disturbance, the Clan Leader of the Tzmisce Balefor Dracul appears within the door. The Assamite pushes his luck, and so Balefor retreats into the shadows, only to appear as a massive Dragon, whence he proceeds to Bathe the Assamite in Flames. Meanwhile, Vladimir in new flesh sneaks out of the back. The Gargoyle and Gabriel confront him, and put him down.

In the midst of this, while walking during the day, Gabriel is contacted by an ancient kindred named Gaius Rexus. He asks the party to meet him at the San Giorgio Monestary. He sends dreamings to all members. As night falls, the party makes their way to the ship that sails them San Giorgio. Gaius Rexus represents a group from Ancient Rome called the Ignati. He sees that the kindred are nearing total war, and he urges you to push them towards it so that the Ignoti may see the evolutionary effect this will have upon the childer. WIth vast resources, an Island, ghouls galore, it is too much to turn down. Are party agrees to help.

Your party reports to the Sanguine Consiglio about the events of Vladimir and the Tzmisce. However, they reserve the entire truth for Prince Vincentius. He charges you to be his secret agents serving the city under his protection as Scourge. You agree, and await your tasks to help bring “stability” to Florence…



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