Ricardo Beneficio

Lasombra sire of Adam




Ricardo was born in Cordova in the Kingdom of Castile in the early 1100s. His family were wealthy land holders on the Northern edge of the city. Their large estate sat upon the Balsia River, providing for fertile soil and large swathes of excellent cropland. With such a large region of control that could not be walled or fenced, Ricardo’s father Javier hired the best mercenaries and cavalry he could find. From an early age, Ricardo spent time atop a horse learning the tactics of mercenary combat.

When the call came for the Second Crusade to reclaim the Holy Lands, Ricardo left with the forces of King Alfonso VII of Castile. Ricardo earned much honor for his glories in combat on the field. There were some shadowy whispers that Ricardo had entreated with some of the Saracen chiefs, and that he may have even perhaps forged some trade alliances for the King in Secret with the various arabic peoples further south in the Mesopotamian lands.

Upon his return home, Ricardo’s dreams of marrying the King’s daughter Eleanor were dashed. Eleanor had travelled with the Castile forces, but it turns out in her absence her father had pledged her to Louis VIII son Jean-Paul.

Ricardo knew that as the third son of his father’s lands, he would be forced to command the mercenary forces that were responsible for the protection of their holdings. He accepted this role, all the while working in the shadows to further secure his alliances with his Saracen and Arabic allies.

It was for this reason that he was embraced by Vespina Isabella, an influential Lasombra from the Kingdom of Sicily who had many pawns in the court of Emperor Frederick II. Ricardo was whisked away from Castile and taken to Sicily. After proving that his Arabic alliances could procure all manner of goods for the Lasombra, Ricardo was taken to meet Montero, the veritable Lord of the Lasombra clan. Montero charged Ricardo with traveling deep into Mesopotamia and embracing an Arabic born citizen in hopes of branching the clan further into uncharted territory.

Ricardo left, and after wandering for several years, he had made several allies among the Assamite clan. He decided that embracing a Saracen or a Persian would draw scorn from them, and so he traveled far south where he met the beautiful and sinister D’Jamila El-Mofty. He loved her ability to reject the Islamic codes laid upon her, and loved her wit and wiles. They spent several years traveling the arabic peninsula, learning much of the different tribes and their customs.

FInally word came to the pair to return to the Empire so that Montero could gain a sense for the addition of this foreign woman into the ranks of the Lasombra Clan. After arriving to meet Montero on a secreted ship off the coast of Sicily, Ricardo and D’Jamila were charged with operating in Venice to broker some type of alliance with the Assamite clan on neutral ground. What neither Montero or Ricardo had accounted for though, was that D’Jamila’s nature was not that of a subjugated woman. She clearly had plans of her own…

Ricardo Beneficio

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