Gabriel Castellana




Gabriel normally wears a hooded cloak and rarely allows direct face to face contact. Due to his wizardsight (Witch Eye ritual), he has one eye that does not match. Gabriel is not at all graceful and lacks charisma. He uses the cloak to partially hide his awkwardness. Gabriel is average height and weight with brown hair and brown eyes. Although an Italian national he does not look Italian as his family immigrated from Frankish lands two generations prior to his arrival. Gabriel’s skin is hard to the touch, almost like marble, reflecting his high stamina and his Fortitude discipline.


Gabriel traveled much during his 52 mortal years. Touring all of Europe, the Middle East and Asia, Gabriel learned to stretch his intellect and educated himself in the ways of both Western and Eastern medicine. Returning to his hometown of Rome he started a practice that quickly grew. Scandal hit when he tried to learn more of the human body by dissecting cadavres and indeed he reached an unprecedented knowledge of medicine. Soon however the Church stepped in and condemned Gabriel as a witch, sentencing him to death. Fortunately for Gabriel, he had caught the eye of a local vampire who said “I’m going to give you the choice I never had.” Gabriel could not resist paying the price of vampirism in exchange for an eternity of knowledge. Gabriel was smuggled out of Rome to Venice where he has lived many decades. Gabriel has recently started plans for a secret society of knowledge. Who knows how far it could go?

Gabriel Castellana

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