The year is 1241CE. The most recent Pope, Celestine IV has died after a mere 2 weeks in the post. The Emperor Frederick II has so enmeshed all of Europe in strife and war, that the college of cardinals fails to name a new Pope. This allows the city states of the Italian Peninsula to flourish, none more so than Venezia.

Venezia is the gateway to the East for the Crusaders, as well as the Gateway to the West for rare Eastern Goods. In a stunning move, the Doge’ has made a trade compact with the Mongols, and Venezia is a place for the most exotic pleasures and darkest desires of the world.

Venezia is also a place of great prowess for the Kindred. It is referred to as “The Elysium of the World” as the most powerful Ancillae can meet her to discuss Grand Matters of the Blood.

Many younger kindred, and a good many Elders as well have converged in Venezia with the unrest of Rome, to ply their hand at politics. It is a place to flourish and shine. However, with such Dark Shadows as loom here, there are those mysterious disappearances, those strange piles of ash, and those unforeseen journeys taking place more often than one would consider.

Are party has arrived in Venezia all for their own purposes. However, the great Lasombra Montana has arrived in secret, and the kindred must report in to their clan leaders. Something large is afoot, something that could change the kindred world forever…

Vampire the Dark Ages: Song of the Sanguine

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